A Parent’s Guide To Kids Toy Organizers

Kids Toy Organizers

It’s Playtime!

Part of the joy of having a child is watching them grow and develop their skills using toys. Research shows that playtime is actually an important part of a child’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. But when playtime is over and it’s time to put away the toys, where and how do you put them away?


Today we will be looking at kids toy organizers, one of the trendiest ways for you and your kids to keep the playroom neat.

We will be discussing the benefits of having kids toy organizers (compared with other storage options) as well as the different types which are available.


Advantages Of Kids Toy Organizers

Kids toy organizers are both useful and fun addition to any child’s room. While toy boxes are also a viable storage option for child’s toys, more and more parents are seeing the advantages of a toy organizer over a toy box.


The Way Toy Organizers Are Designed Can Serve Several Functions And Benefits:

Kids can actually see their toys. Young children need to be excited, their brains need constant stimulation. When the toys are in a traditional toy box, they don’t quite grab your kids’ attention.

Kids toy organizers display the toys so that the child can easily see them and reach out to them during playtime. Speaking of grabbing their attention, the toy organizers themselves come in brightly colored shelves that can excite any kid.


A toy box would normally make toys less accessible to kids, especially very young ones. It would be difficult to reach, not to mention potentially unsafe for a small child to try to climb into his toy box to grab one toy. A toy organizer would eliminate the strain on the child and would give parents peace of mind.


The kids would learn sorting and organization. A toy organizer, with its individual shelving structure, is the perfect opportunity to teach a kid to put similar toys together.

Simple categorization is one of the basic skills a young child needs to develop growing up. Furthermore, having a toy organizer is one of the most exciting ways to hone that skill.


Fashionable And Savy!

You can save money on buying new toys. A simple trick you can do is to have a toy rotation wherein you rotate which toys you put on display in the organizer.

Children like the novelty of having a different set of toys every so often in the bins, even if they’re not really willing to play with them.


Kids toy organizers look really good! Every child’s room or playroom should have one because of how cute some of the models can be.

You can always look for ones that match the layout of the room you’re putting it in. In addition, you can just get a multi-colored one to add some pop to your child’s otherwise dull room.


Types Of Kids Toy Organizers

Now that we’ve made the case for why you should get one, we’ve got a list of the different kinds of toy organizers you can find on the market.


There Are So Many Varieties You Can Consider, Including The Following:

Free-standing type. This kind looks similar to and is quite popular among parents because it is simple to use and safe for small children.

When buying one, take into consideration the height of the child. They shouldn’t be struggling to get toys even from the top shelves.


Hanging type. As the name suggests, these organizers hang from the wall or the ceiling. While it does the job of organizing things, it might not be ideal for children because of the height. Although, you can find models that hang low enough for kids to reach.

Also, it may not be good for hanging denser toys, so it is quite limited. The ones that hang from the walls are often not used for toys. Instead, they can be hung on closet doors for storing small clothing items like socks or hair accessories.


Angled bin design. This is a very popular one because it is the best type for displaying toys. The advantage lies in the fact that the individual bins are at a bit of an angle. Saying that, even shorter children can see the contents without as much strain. They are also the easiest types to access for kids of all ages.


Cubbyhole type. These are also quite common, although they are not as user-friendly as the angled bins. Depending on what you like, you can get them in a multitude of colors. If you prefer this type but want visibility, they are also available in clear plastic drawers.


Solutions For Car And Bath Toy Storage

Car backseat toy organizer. Even away from home, you can expect your children to want a variety of toys to play with. This is a good way to keep their toys from getting scattered around inside the car or getting lost.

It hangs conveniently behind the front seats to keep the kids in the backseat entertained. It’s also great for storing small dry snack packs and drinks. Some models even have a tablet slot through which your kids can play games or watch movies during those long, tedious road trips.


Bath toy organizer. Extending playtime to overlap with bath time is a great way to encourage good personal hygiene. Furthermore, there is also a wide variety of bath toys that would need a good storage space after baths. These storage solutions are great for keeping your rubber ducks and plastic boats stowed away.

Some of them stick to your bathroom wall via suction cups so that the toys are always within. Others are removable and can be placed on top of the tub. Needless to say, bath toy organizers also have a wide variety of styles, uses, and capacities, much like kids toy organizers in general.


As mentioned before, playtime is essential in every child’s development and growth. This is why toys can be and should be a part of their lives and learning process.

With toy organizers, your child can have a safe and productive time during and after his or her play. For parents, they get to maintain a neat, stress-free environment in which all of their child’s toys are made accessible and easy to find.


In addition, with so many uses and varieties to choose from, there are bound to be a few kids toy organizers that would cater to your needs. They also come in so many colors and styles, they would be a wonderful addition to any home with children.

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